About EGI

Equity Group Investments (EGI) is a 45+-year-old, Chicago-based private investment firm founded by Sam Zell, and cultivated in its early years through Zell’s partnership with Robert Lurie (1942 to 1990). The firm’s origins are in real estate, but EGI’s doctrine has always been opportunistic, often contrarian, investing and active ownership.

The 2009 credit collapse heralded a new cycle in the distressed debt market, and since then, EGI has been active in sourcing new investment opportunities in loans, mortgages, credit securities and equity, rescue financings and restructurings. The firm is continuing its long history of taking meaningful positions in debt instruments with the flexibility to either hold the investment or to actively participate in a restructuring that results in a significant ownership stake. EGI also supports stand-alone capital restructurings. Specifically, the firm looks for asset-intensive businesses with strong fundamental value and solid management teams.

Active ownership is a core principal at EGI. By engaging the leadership teams of the companies in which it invests, EGI helps them expand their growth opportunities, streamline operations and access the considerable Zell network. These themes are threaded throughout the firm’s rich history of successful investments across industries and continents.

EGI’s current investment portfolio has equity interests in energy, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, communications and real estate, all of which reflect the firm’s particular expertise in asset-intensive businesses. EGI’s current holdings also include fixed-income investments in public and private companies.

EGI’s investment professionals have diverse functional experience in many industries, enabling the company to apply a matrix of expertise to the assets in which it invests. The investment group is supported by an experienced team of legal, tax and accounting, and other professionals.

Zell is known for the unique culture of his organization, which attracts outstanding talent. The Zell culture is an entrepreneurial meritocracy. The firm operates with an open-door policy that encourages transparency and straightforward communication. Employees think like owners, and are given the freedom to test their limits. As a result, many employees within the Zell network of companies have tenure of 10, 20 and 30 or more years.

This website and its content are intended solely to provide summary information about EGI. EGI is not soliciting new investors or investment advisory clients. EGI makes no representations to engage in any of the activities listed, and past performance is not indicative of future results.